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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 16 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “All The Good (Under-the-Radar) News About Renewable Energy” • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory came out with three reports last week that should give stakeholders in fossil fuel the willies. Big solar arrays and wind farms make big headlines, but these reports deal with behind-the-scenes research that carries more weight. [CleanTechnica]

Block Island wind farm (NREL image)

  • “Why Madrid Climate Summit Fell Short Of Global Expectations” • COP25 climate negotiations, the longest in 25 such gatherings, ended with major polluters resisting calls to ramp up efforts to keep global warming at bay. Here is a look at the main issues resolved, and the sticking points for future negotiations. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • “Georgia Power Inaction On Renewables May Lead To Loss Of Large Industrial Customer” • Last April, Georgia Power filed a complaint with the Georgia Public Service Commission to block a competing utility from providing Nestlé Purina with renewable electricity at a lower price than its own. The case is now being considered. [Energy and Policy Institute]
  • “‘Cleaner And Cheaper’: Sunny Spain Is Banking On Renewable Energy” • Although the outcome of COP25 may not shine, its host, Spain, welcomed the opportunity to spotlight its fast-tracked shift to renewable energy sources. Spain currently has 28.5 GW of renewables and an additional 62.9 GW that has got permits but is not yet operational. [News24]
  • “Australia Bushfires: ‘Mega Blaze’ Destroys Homes Ahead Of Heatwave” • Australian authorities issued fresh warnings about a “mega blaze” after it spread beyond containment lines and razed 20 houses near Sydney. The fire, burning over about 400,000 hectares, has moved further into the Blue Mountains – a popular tourist area west of the city. [BBC]

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December 15 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Four New Energy Storage Technologies To Power The EV Revolution” • The true cost of EV ownership is already close to that of comparable cars with internal combustion engines. The sticking point is the cost of the battery. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four emerging battery technologies that the DOE is eyeballing. [CleanTechnica]

Old technology electric truck (Wikimedia Commons)

  • “70% of Americans Support Solar Mandate on New Homes” • CITE Research recently conducted a survey for Vivint Solar and found 70% of Americans said they would support a nationwide mandate requiring that solar panels be installed on all newly built homes. The survey was conducted online, and 2,000 US adults age 25 and up participated. [CleanTechnica]
  • “UN COP25 Summit Ends With Anger With Global Warming’s ‘Window Of Escape’ Getting Harder” • Major economies have resisted calls for bolder commitments as a UN summit in Madrid limped towards a delayed conclusion, dimming any hopes that nation governments would act in time to mitigate the impacts of climate change. [ABC News]
  • “Why Australia’s PM Is Facing Climate Anger Amid Bushfires” • Fires have covered Australia’s populated areas in smoke, and the Bureau of Meteorology says climate change has exacerbated the conditions for dangerous fires in Australia. Many people say they are frustrated with government rhetoric on the climate crisis and its failure to act effectively. [BBC]
  • “Natural Gas Surpasses Coal In Carbon Emissions” • Recent estimates produced by the Global Carbon Project, an academic consortium, detailed an unexpected story regarding carbon dioxide emissions in the US. Carbon emissions from coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel, are on a steady decline, and carbon emissions from natural gas now surpass them. [Salon]

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December 14 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Can Kitchen Gardens Combat Climate Change?” • Growing fruit and veg in the garden is already seen as environmentally friendly, but it could also be a weapon in the fight against climate change. That has been the experience of a community in Bangladesh, whose rice crop was ruined when seasonal rains came early. [BBC]

Woman in her garden (Faarm Project image)

  • “Massachusetts AG Healey Stokes Grassroots Effort For Clean Energy Market Rules In ISO-NE” • Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey launched an online effort to educate ratepayers about the region’s grid operator, ISO-New England. Included in the effort is a petition for market rules that promote clean energy. [Utility Dive]
  • “US Has Only One Offshore Wind Energy Farm, But A $70 Billion Market Is On The Way” • Today, from Maine to Virginia, statesare poised to join a renewable-energy revolution that will provide abundant clean electricity, create tens of thousands of jobs, revitalize port cities, and spur economic growth in dozens of coastal communities. [CNBC]
  • “Richer Nations Accused Of Stalling Progress On Climate Crisis” • Poor countries have accused a handful of richer nations, especially Brazil, China, and India, of holding up progress on tackling the climate crisis at UN talks in Madrid, as demonstrators and activists vented their frustration in the final hours of two weeks of negotiations. [The Guardian]
  • “Renewables Top 90% Of Kenyan Power With New 50-MW Solar Plant” • Kenya brought a new 50-MW solar plant online. It said this means renewable energy, led by hydroelectricity, now makes up more than 90% of the country’s power mix. Kenya’s government is investing in the electricity grid to keep up with demand and reduce blackouts. []

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December 13 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Rather Than Fight The Power, This German Town Went Fully Renewable” • The German town of Wolfhagen is particularly demonstrative of what can be achieved when municipalities adopt innovative approaches to the ownership and governance of energy infrastructure. Significant lessons can be drawn from Wolfhagen’s hybrid ownership model. [Inverse]

Wolfhagen (Shutterstock image)

  • “Youth Climate Activists Storm COP25 Stage” • Young activists took over and occupied the main stage at the COP25 climate conference in Madrid, Spain. They demanded world leaders commit to far more ambitious action to address the ecological emergency. “World leaders have left us no choice,” said 14-year-old Alexandria Villaseñor of New York. [EcoWatch]
  • “New Report Envisages 10-Fold Increase In Global Wind Power By 2050” • An International Renewable Energy Agency report says deep electrification, accelerated deployment of renewables, and greater energy efficiency, can together achieve over 90% of the energy-related CO₂ emissions reductions needed by 2050 to meet Paris climate targets. [UN Environment]
  • “Natural Gas Plant Replacing Los Angeles Coal Power To Be 100% Hydrogen By 2045: LADWP” • Los Angeles’ municipal utility is planning to convert a Utah power operation from coal to natural gas, and then to 100% hydrogen by 2045. The gas-fired generation is replacing a 1,800-MW coal plant, which will cease operations in 2025. [Utility Dive]
  • “US Solar Energy Industry In A Slump? Not So Fast!” • The 2019 third-quarter report from the Solar Energy Industries Association shows a strong year-over-year growth rate of 45% for the quarter. That’s not the most significant thing about it, though. The real action is in some of the 15 states reporting their best quarter ever. [CleanTechnica]

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December 12 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Time Person Of The Year: Climate Crisis Activist Greta Thunberg” • Time magazine has chosen Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist, as person of the year. Thunberg, 16, is the youngest person ever chosen. “Thunberg has become the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet,” Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal wrote. [CNN]

Time Person of the Year

  • “Renewable Developers Raise Eyebrows Over GMP Green Energy Trading App” • An effort by Vermont’s largest electric utility to make it easier for business customers to buy green power is meeting resistance from some renewable energy proponents. This is because the app allows trades from already established renewable energy systems. []
  • “Dominion Energy, Vanguard Renewables Partner On Dairy Renewable Natural Gas” • Dominion Energy and Vanguard Renewables announced a nationwide strategic partnership of over $200 million to convert methane from US dairy farms to produce renewable natural gas to heat homes, power businesses, and fuel vehicles. [Biomass Magazine]
  • “100% Renewables Means 95% Less Water Consumption For Conventional Power Generation” • According to a new study by Finland’s LUT University, solar PV consumes between 2% and 15% of the water that coal and nuclear power plants use to produce the same amount of electricity; for wind, this percentage ranges from 0.1% to 14%. [pv magazine Australia]
  • “Chevron Takes A $10 Billion Hit From Cheap Oil And Gas Prices” • America’s abundance of crude oil and natural gas is forcing Chevron to reduce the value of its energy portfolio. Chevron, the nation’s number two oil company, plans to take a $10 billion to $11 billion charge to reflect a gloomier outlook for oil and gas prices. [CNN]

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December 11 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “‘World’s First’ Fully-Electric Commercial Flight Takes Off” • An all-electric powered seaplane has taken flight for a test flight in Vancouver. It was the first flight of what the operators say is the aviation industry’s “first all-electric commercial fleet.” The six-passenger Harbour Air aircraft is fitted with a magniX electric motor system. [BBC]

Electric seaplane taking off (Harbour Air And magniX)

  • “93-MWh Tesla Megapack Coming To Alaska To Save Customers Cash ” • A new 46.5-MW, 93-MWh Tesla Megapack system installed in Alaska by the Homer Electric Association, Inc, will be used to offset electricity that otherwise would have come from a peaker plant. The new battery pack will be installed at the Soldotna Power Plant. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Green Mountain Power Introduces Plan That Allows Homeowners To Sell Solar Power Direct To Businesses” • Green Mountain Power is creating a platform that will allow residential customers with rooftop solar systems to sell the electricity they generate directly to businesses for the first time in America. The program is currently limited in scope. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Canada Applauded For Zero Carbon Commitment At COP25” • Climate advocates are applauding an international pledge by Canada to introduce legislation for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson made the pledge in a speech at the opening of high-level negotiations at COP25 in Madrid. [National Observer]
  • “The Arctic Saw Near-Record Heat Again In 2019. It’s An Ominous Sign For The Future Of The Planet” • In 2019, average air temperatures in the Arctic were 1.9°C (3.42 °F) above normal, the second-hottest recorded since 1900, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual Arctic Report Card. [CNN]

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December 10 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Renewable Energy Installations In Michigan Up By 57% In 2018” • The annual report from the Michigan Public Service Commission shows continued growth of distributed energy in the state, with a 57% growth of installations for 2018. The year saw 1,952 renewable energy installations with a combined capacity of 13,910 kW. [Daily Energy Insider]

Rooftop solar system (Shutterstock image)

  • “Newly Identified Jet-Stream Pattern Could Imperil Global Food Supplies” • During the summer of 2018, highly amplified jet stream patterns remained stuck in place for unusually long periods of time, producing disastrous weather patterns. The patterns are believed to be twenty times more likely because of climate change. [Scientific American]
  • “Oil Producers And Companies In Carbon-Intensive Industries ‘Will Lose Half Their Value Within Ten Years'” • The UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment warns that carbon-intensive firms could lose 43% of their market value with the “inevitable policy response” to the climate emergency. Very progressive companies could see gains of 33%. [iNews]
  • “Renewables ‘To Become France’s Main Energy Source By 2027’” • Renewable energy is forecast to become France’s dominant energy source by 2027, according to an analysis by GlobalData. This would see it take the lead from nuclear power, which is currently the country’s most important electricity generating technology. [Energy Live News]
  • “UK Hits Renewable Energy Record As Wind Shatters 16-GW Threshold” • The UK hit an all-time renewable energy record as wind generation broke the 16-GW threshold Sunday. According to National Grid said onshore and offshore wind generated up to 43.7% share of electricity, more than double the 20.5% that was produced by nuclear plants. [Energy Live News]

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December 9 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Alliance For Clean Energy New York Pushes For Carbon Fee On Thermal Generating Stations” • New York State has an energy standard calling for 70% of its electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. But the Alliance for Clean Energy New York says the state is unlikely to meet that goal without a fee on carbon emissions. [CleanTechnica]

Solar array (Image: Alliance for Clean Energy)

  • “Polluting Firms ‘Will Be Hit By Climate Policies'” • Carbon-intensive firms are likely to lose 43% of their value due to policies designed to combat climate change, according to a report commissioned by the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment. Meanwhile the most progressive companies will see an uplift of 33% in their value. [BBC News]
  • “India Can Generate 18,000 MW Of Renewable Energy Using Biomass: Power Minister R K Singh” • India can generate around 18,000 MW of renewable energy using biomass and an additional 7,000 to 8,000 MW from bagasse cogeneration in sugar mills, according to the country’s power and renewable energy minister, R K Singh. []
  • “Power Prices Predicted To Fall As Much As 20% Over Next Three Years Thanks Mostly To Renewables” • The Australian Energy Market Commission forecasts that power prices will come down in all but two Australian states and territories over the next three years. The prices in Queensland are expected to fall by 20%. []
  • “Climate Activists Block Train Taking Coal To A New England Power Plant, Climate Organizer Confirms” • Climate activists blocked a train in Hooksett, New Hampshire, Sunday that was carrying a shipment of coal. They were trying to shut down the last major coal-fired power plant in New England, an organizer said. [ WCSH-WLBZ]

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December 8 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “California Ends New Fracking Pending Results Of Scientific Study” • Despite plenty of petrodollars sloshing around California’s capitol in Sacramento, Governor Gavin Newsom halted approvals of new hydraulic fracturing in the state until the projects can be reviewed by an independent panel of scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. [CleanTechnica]

Fracking well in Texas

  • “Soil: The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change” • Battered by effects of climate change, agriculture is also an important – in fact a necessary – partner in fighting it. The science is clear: We cannot stay beneath the most dangerous climate thresholds without sequestering a significant amount of carbon in our soils. [EcoWatch]
  • “New England Grid Operator: Region Has Enough Power For Winter Despite Station Closing” • ISO New England says this will be the first winter without the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts. But officials say the reactor’s retirement coincided with some solar and wind projects and several dual-energy power plants coming online. [CBS Boston]
  • “Michael Lewis: ‘Don’t Bet Against The US. It Has An Incredible Capacity For Self-Reinvention’ ” • In his most recent book, The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy, Michael Lewis applies his insider’s eye to unsung heroes of government administration, in light of the reckless dismantling of the US civil service under President Trump. [The Guardian]
  • “Seychelles: The Island Nation With A Novel Way To Tackle Climate Change” • In the first deal of its kind, the East African nation swapped 5% of its national debt for a cash injection to fight the effects of climate change on the ocean. In return, it promised to protect 30% of its national waters, which is an area twice the size of the UK – by the end of next year. [BBC]

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